About us

What is ASP

The Associazione Scienze Politiche of LUISS University was founded in 1995 and it is the oldest association in the whole university. For 25 years it has been a point of reference for every student, in particular for those that study Political Science.

ASP proposes many different activities for its students, such as seminars, conferences, interviews with political exponents and many other different projects. The aim is that of creating an environment in which the student is able to thrive and expand his/her knowledge. The association also organizes dinners and parties where the students have the occasion to get to know other students as well as the city

The Journal – La voce di ASP

The Journal is ASP’s latest project, it can be translated as “ASP’s voice” and, as the name says, it was created to be the way for our association and its students to address the world.

We have decided to call it The Journal because we want every associate to be able to write an article and to publish it on the blog. One may choose to write an article concerning any topic of his choice that is related to history, politics, the economy as well as many other subjects. We want to create, together with you, a painting of the understanding of the world that we have as students.

We will also write about ASP and its projects, in order to create a clear picture of our association and its students.

Our Team


Hello! My name is Umberto Costa Broccardi, I am 20 years old and I come from Genoa. I went to a scientific high school where I got both the Italian and the French diploma. While in school I participated in many MUN conferences, such as GeMUN where I became Under Secretary-General and THIMUN in The Hague. Because of these experiences, having had the opportunity to speack with many people from every corner of the world, I decided to apply to LUISS university to study PPE. I chose this particular course because I want to achieve my goal of working in the international community.
With The Journal I would like to create a place where studenst can share their ideas, building a diverse and constructive environment.


Hello everybody! I am Ludovica Pilloni, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Sardinia. I went to a classical European high school, moving abroad for a year in Canada, Montreal. Thanks to this experience I decided to apply to the PPE course, in which I’m actually enrolled to, focusing even more my attention to humanitarian and political causes. Regarding the future, I would like to work in the international sector, in order to find a job that could make me interact with different people and different cultures. With my involvement to the editorial staff of The Journal I would like to make this project be a place where more people can share their opinion, building in this way our little spot into the big family of ASP!