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The Journal – The voice of political science students

The Journal is ASP’s newest project, a way of actively facing the world outside our university. Our association lacks a voice, and TJ was created for that reason.

The Journal because, as on a journal, all members will have the opportunity to write articles on topics they care about by contributing, page by page, to the creation of a design that represents our worldview, but not only.
TJ will also be a place to chronicle all major association events such as conferences, interviews and various projects.

Our goal is to create a portrait not only of the association, but more importantly of the students who populate it and bring it to life every day, and to do so through their voices and ideas.

The editorial staff

Beatrice Alferj


Francesca Romana Ajale


Margherita Maccioni


Tommaso Palmieri


Tommaso Bernardini


Giulia Galletti


Elvira Simonelli
Mafalda Minerva Aiassa

You can either visit the page about us or write with us.

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